Love You ^^
Smiley DaY
Just texts
Texts are back
Tight Schedule :(
Here he comes
No text from Yogi
No text from Yogi
I think I did well
Busy Busy
Reward myself
Shopping Spree
Top 50 Leadership Conference
ข้อความดี ๆ ที่จะจดจำไว้
อยากเก็บข้อความดี ๆ ไว้อ่าน
I am teasing him
สบายอก สบายใจ
Finally we chatted
Working Sa(d)
Sharkie vs Yogi
Home Loan
No Time 4 him
Yogi Loves me ^^
I Love You --> Real Love
Yogi and DD story
Says Sorry
Yogi and DD story
Yogi and DD story
Yogi and DD story

Top 50 Leadership Conference

Attending Top 50 managers Leadership Conference whole day.

Finance Team won the performance show. We performed "The Little Ant" มดตัวน้อยตัวนิด

ตลกดีทุกคนทุ่มเต็มที่ แล้วเราก็ได้รางวัลจนได้ในที่สุด


Yogi is in Melbourne visting his family. I am so happy for him. He was having a great time with his family. I was in conference whole day. Therefore, no sweet text just letting me know how he is


"happily with family" and he called me dangerous sharkie ^^


"I'm very happy honey" His mum asked him how I am. I met his mum and dad in Perth during my visit in May. They are very polite, nice and kind to me. We did have great time together.


"I love you wherever I am"


I flew back to Khon Kaen that night. P' Oh and I went to To-Rung market because I desperately need to have som-tum. 


I worked on Productivity report till 3 a.m. in the morning.


Good night honey. Sharkie loves you.




I love you honey.


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Posted on Sat 7 Jul 2012 22:20

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Thu 30 May 2013 16:44 [2]

David,Just about the fastest 26 slckis you can buy are Specialized all-condition pro. They are road bike skinny, in fact, they are no wider or deeper in profile than the 23c Ultremo's I run on my Tarmac. 120psi means give your rim tapes a good check before using them but you won't find a faster slick MTB tyre. The only issue is that they are so fast you'll run out of gears on the flat sections. I've run them on my Lefty for years and have tried alternatives only to come back to the Specialized time an again. Enjoy.
Tue 28 May 2013 12:26 [1]

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