I think I did well

I organized management workshop today, expecting to finalize FME number as well as start communicating ACP 2013. It went well. Everyne participated and very professional. I likes this sort of working environment, very active and challenging each other to get a better performance.




Learning of the day


Less talk more listening

Be Open minded and inclusive




Personal Life


I miss my honey Yogi Bear ^^


From my Yogi Bear


"Good morning horny princess. I hope Tuesday is tremendous for you"


"I know your busy at work at present but just wanted to let you know that I love you xx oo."


"I wish you were in my arms not for ... but just to hold you. I love you so much"


<< Busy Busy...... >>

Posted on Fri 27 Jul 2012 22:46

wow naman... gusto ko talagang ptanuhun ang lugar na ito kaso wala talagang time... laging conflict... sana mabisita ko yan Manila Ocean Park by the end of this year... lalo na ngayong magho-holiday na Weeehhave a great day and happy blogging
Sat 8 Jun 2013 15:15 [5]

Last week, I made the all-call: where do YOU go to free and cheap yoga classes? I got a tdnemerous outpouring of ideas and am glad to compile them all here for you! I hope you find a new cool place to roll out your mat and soak in the seva (yoga as a service).
Thu 30 May 2013 17:04 [4]

i think u must to choose him cos he is a pesron that can think to the future n he is a pesron that have responsiblity a lot.i think if u don't choose him u'll lose a good pesron regret at next time .he love u n he try to hide his mind for a long time it so hard to make his mind for a pesron that think about u wait he have ability to find to u like work or something ell
Tue 28 May 2013 14:02 [3]

Azuka,I know exactly what you mean, and damn, it hurts!! real bad,(especially if you were to turn the table aurnod), and you were to be the one loving' but not loved in that way' back. u know!!.its really hard to get over such
Tue 28 May 2013 12:38 [2]

Hey girl, you better think, what do you want? To make one pesron smile and laugh it is not so difficult, believe me. Most of the men they what the like then they just pretend to do it to make you smile. Sorry for the who you are talking about maybe he is a good man, but please take time. The word love it is easy to say but it is so difficult to keep. You have to make it in balance, EASY TO SAY = EASY TO LOSE, DIFFICULT TO GET = DIFFICULT TO LOSE. Good luck girl, I don't know how old are you but don't be rush.
Sun 26 May 2013 23:03 [1]

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